Sunday, October 5, 2008

The LONGEST bathroom line EVER!

Okay... we have 2.5 more miles to go and we have hit a wall. Not only have we stopped at the longest bathroom line ever but I realize we have not eaten much and may need some nourishment and hydration. Jill is holding our place in line and I head for snacks. So far today we have walked through Arlington, Georgetown, Dupont Circle, by the White House and now we are in the Capital Hill area near the lot. It has been so nice to see all the sights but are seeing less of our support crew. I am beginning to miss the cheers. (However at the last crosswalk my favorite crew member had us doing the YMCA- See Below)

Shop Gals Take the White House

On the way to snacks I see my man, Barack Obama (okay, he is a cut-out but I am glad that his cut-out supports the 3day and have to have my picture with him). We receive an announcement that we have 1 hour to get to closing ceremony. Jill has talked to Mark and they are on there way there. Suddenly this is all becoming a reality... we are almost done.

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