Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day One- It's Over

The 1st time walkers are learning that the route cards are WRONG!!!! When it says 2 miles it often means 4. Our route card says 2o miles but we have been 25 if you count the walk into camp, and beleive me, we count every step.
See our smiles? We are fine :)

Jill and I were fine until mile 15... we were even talking about how we were not going to be sore. What a nice dream that would be... a body with no soreness. I did not realize that this would take such a toll on my body. I feet are blister free but swollen. I can barely walk to the showers. I am wondering... "Can I do this tomorrow?"
We are staying hydrated and eating LOTS of Carbs...

The rest of the day was a loop on the highway and some neighborhoods in Daleville and Woodbridge. The highlight of the route was walking through historic downtown Occoquan, which was festooned with pink ribbons, balloons and posters throughout town. We took a break and shopped (imagine that, two Shop Gals shopping) at a couple local boutiques. It was a nice diversion.

Occuquan is a quaint warf town in NOVA.

This was the coolest shop, PolkaDotDiva that's window is concave... She told us that it is from an old ship. Needless to say we had to support her super cute business.

After the shops we crossed a bridge and hiked up a VERY steep hill that lead us through the Occoquan National Park and to our camp. Jill and I after shopping a little. .. We are ready to conquer that last hill!

Watch out ladies... Shop Girls are Heading to the Wilderness!

We all cheered as we saw white tents...

Jill began to understand why we would not move camp nightly... this was quite the event!

We did not realize that it would be another mile before we got to our bags and our own tent area.

We are finally here!!!!! We are scanned and ready to set up home... Home, Sweet Tent?!

We both hit a wall as we drug our bags and tent to I-73. I snapped at Jill, she was pretty out of it and I wondered how we would get this tent pitched. Despite the crankiness and lathargy we did it. I now know that we both were a little off in electrolytes. After dinner and a shower* we started to feel like ourselves.

*Shower- Just so you know, we shower in a tractor trailer with 6 other slots. There are shower curtains but the open area is just like a junior high locker room, except more crammed. The water was hot and I was clean. This is all that matters.

Lights in the camp are out at 9 p.m... I think Jill and I are asleep by 8:15 p.m.

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