Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day Three... Mile 2 and we found COFFEE :)

. . . and a bathroom! (We are over the Port-a-Potties!)
So happy... enjoying our last 16 miles.
This morning had us up- and-at-em' at 4:30 a.m. We packed up
our 3day home, managed to get our tent in the baggy and dropped off
our bags. I went to the medical self-help to bandage my lone blister and
while Jill stretched. We grabbed some breakfast and heard Zoe's stretching
ruetine one last time before heading onto the bus. It is still dark but we feel good!
It's our last day and there is only 16 miles. . . how bad can that be???

Long Line to Buses

Betsy Ross (See above- Crew is dressed very Americana today in lieu of our trip into DC) loads us onto the bus at 6 a.m. for a 40 minute ride to Arlington. Since there
are 3,000 of us, Jill and I estimate 30 buses for transport. . . this may take a while! Looks like we will be divided up today.
The bus drops us at the 1st pit stop where we stretch again (stretching and ibuprofen are our best friends this weekend) and fuel up on water. Within the 1st 2 miles Jill and I find our own pit stop--- Caribou Coffee! We sit outside, people watch and take our time...soaking in what the past two days have meant to us and our sore little feet. We both are VERY excited to see Scott and Mark and also a little nervous that they can make it, check in, get our bags and make it to the ceremony on time. Yes, I know, have more faith in the men :)

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