Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 2--- 45 Miles Down!

. . . and a foot soak to boot! Who can ask for more?

Day two was physically harder on the feet but much more enjoyable. The beginning and the end started on trails with residential neighborhoods in-between. After lunch the sun was pounding and fellow walkers were worried I was getting sunburned (they are not used to how red my skin can get with heat, emotion or wine).
Still loving my cross walk guys! Their music, outfits and spirit--- sure wish we knew their story.

We hit another hard stretch where we did not have a pit stop for over 5 miles (it said 4) and either way it was too long. When I about lost it encountering a "Walker Stalker" I knew I needed a break. We took over a GIANT's bathroom and recooped in their air conditioning. Our feet were giving out and so was our patience. Jill and I could barely move but we were not the only ones in this boat. We purchased foot soak for camp... what we hoped was close by.

The next 5 miles (the last) were probably the hardest thus far. They seemed to last forever!
We pushed on through and took our time at the last two pit stops, our bodies were telling us to rest.

an example of a super fun walker at pit stop 3. Yes, those are snacks in her bossum!

At 5:3o we were back in camp soaking our feet in ziplock bags... this seemed to help. Mentally I felt more coherent and less tired. We were able to enjoy the 3day surroundings a little more before dinner. They had a lounging area set up with magazines and crossword puzzles. Jill even scored a new Rachel Ray recipe.

Dinner was more of the same... Carb filled Carbs. Jill ate her 1st Vegan Cutlet, that we giggled about so much the night before, while I ate some form of chicken they called cutlet. Not sure if I would have eaten it if I did not need the fuel.

At this point I can hardly walk. My feet are swollen and my calves are so tight. I am contemplating BioFreeze but I take more pain meds instead.

Showers were better tonight... no lines and warm water. It is 8:15 p.m. and we are back in the tent trying to wind down. We know tomorrow is the last day and we will see the boys... kind of hard to fall asleep when you have so much to look forward to.

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