Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day Two...I cannot believe my feet are allowing this!

We are half way through Day 2 (35 miles) and I just got treated for my first blister. So far Jill is still a blister virgin and maybe the only one. When I went to the medical tent to get bandaged up they were almost out of moleskin. The gal on the left of me was getting a lacerated and the gal to the right was completely bandanged up. With one blister, I feel lucky!

We got a pretty good nights sleep, tent and all. We both had to wake in the middle of the night to find the port-a-john (they warned us this would happen atleast once during the night). This was my least favorite part so far. I forgot my glasses and had a heck of a time finding our tent! I have, however, been a trooper about using the facilities. I think this surprises Jill :)

By 6:30 we are at breakfast eating eggs, potatoes, yogurt and a biscuit. You would think that this is too much food or it is too early but we are starved and having no problem forcing it down.
The people serving are so cheerful and I am amazed with the energy and attitudes of all the crew. Walk I can, but crew I am thinking, I cannot.

This is the start of our day leaving camp grounds... our new home really is beautiful!

The beginning of our trail leads us through the park and onto more trails. The path is a little uneven and is hard for our still stiff legs. One of the crew men thinks he is funny... "Watch out for the poison ivy!" "I see a snake up there." I am thinking he needs to be retrained. After 2 miles and stretching we start to feel more nimble.

Jill stretching

We passed this amazing piece of property... looks like an old jail but it is now vacant. This route is much better and today is a lot hotter. We shed our jackets at 9 a.m.

Part of the Department of Corrections Property... Note- Google Historic Jail, Occoquan

My favorite part of the day was the Pit Stop with the HighSchool Cheerleaders

and the Lorton Shopping Center where Jill and I scored iced coffee.
Caffeine and Spirit are keeping us going!

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