Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day Three- Mile 10... only 6 more to go!!!!!

So far we have walked through Arlington and over the Potomac. After our coffee stop we hit a hill... you always create a lot of noise when you give the 3Day walkers a hill. Nothing builds camaraderie like a challenge!

Jill and I are really taking our time today. So far we have stopped at three real bathrooms and for coffee. Today is my favorite lunch, Turkey Sandwich and Sun Chips (Jill has a Black Bean Burger). I am thinking I might miss all the snacks :)

Our last 3day Bag Lunch Stop
Right before we walked over the Key Bridge to Georgetown we were passed by a convertible with two guys dressed in pink boas and Redskins shirts playing Journey's, "Don't Stop Believing"--- it really got me going. For those of you who know me you know I love Journey! :) When walking over the Key Bridge we asked a man on a bike to take our picture. He said that he started at the finish line and backtracked to meet us today.

Walking over Key Bridge

Georgetown University to left

The support from the people around us has really kept us going-- whether is was the honkers or the people that set up a block neighborhood party to support us. I love it when the kids come out. I probably have high fived more people this weekend than I have in my entire life. Jill says that this has taught her to support causes more... cheer on events that are nearby to us. I have to agree.

This sweet lady was at atleast 5 cheering stations over the 3 day... I love her!

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