Sunday, October 5, 2008

10 Minutes til Closing!

The last 2 miles seemed to go on forever. Our feet are so sore (or as my friend Rick used to say, "My Dogs Were Barking") but we are really excited. We start to pass women with their victory shirts on and we know we are close by. One more real bathroom stop and Jill calls Mark. The boys are at the finish line and I feel a little nervous to be reunited with non-3Day people. We have been in an alternate-universe over the last couple of days. I am beginning to think I may need some time to adjust.

Suddenly someone says two blocks to go. We hear music. Loud music. I think it is Carol King and "I Feel the Earth Move." At last, we reach the holding area and there are all the walkers and crew that have made it before us on either side of the stairs welcoming us, cheering and high-fiving us.

Again, another sea of pink. Just this time it is people!

"Way to Go!" "You did it!" "It's Over!" It is a little overwhelming, empowering and definitely emotional. I looked at Jill with teary, tired eyes. It was by far my favorite part.

Finally we see the boys.

They are so excited! Scott is taking pictures left and right and later I find that he took some video. Just as I had thought, I was having trouble re-adjusting and he could tell. They headed to the Closing Ceremony and I got my space. Jill and I got our victory shirts and roses. I changed in a parking lot... I know now I am a changed woman.

Zoe gathers us and seperates the survivors and the walkers and tries to explain the closing ceremony logistics. I think we are all too tired, excited and emotional to understand. Jill and I are a little sad she does not give us her stretching reutine we grew to love.

We are almost ready to leave holding, arm and arm, when U2 and Mary J come on the loud speaker. I will miss U2, Sting and Seal... the sounds I will now associate with my 3 Day Adventure.

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